DIY Face Moisturiser

One of the compliments I receive most often is about my complexion - I am 35 this year, so yeah ok I am not old, but I am no spring chicken either so I'll totally take that compliment (and love it lol). Most of it comes down to the food that I eat - yes eating for beauty is totally a thing (I feel another blog post coming on about that)... But I think it is also a lot to do with my natural beauty regime. I am all about nourishing the skin with simple and natural ingredients and essential oils play a BIG role in that!

This is my favourite DIY face moisturiser:

Ingredients  - Please note this is based on a 15ml recipe because I like to re-use my empty essential oil bottles and they are 15mls (mostly).

Frankincense Essential Oil: 5 Drops
Lavender Essential Oil: 3 Drops
Geranium Essential Oil: 5 Drops
Jojoba Oil - enough to top up the bottle

Frankincense has amazing cellular renewal properties and is amazing for any skin imperfections (I find it awesome for those fine lines and wrinkles too). Lavender is soothing and softens the skin and Geranium is another healing and nourishing oil.

Jojoba oil is my choice of base oil for the face as its consistency most resembles the natural oil (sebum) produced by the skin to nourish and protect. It is a beautiful choice for dry, sensitive, combination or acne prone skin.

Add all your oils to an empty essential oil bottle and shake well to combine. My hot tip: Apply to your face and neck right before you go to sleep - our body goes into repair mode while we sleep - also not only will these oils help with your complexion, they are also beautiful and relaxing and will assist you in drifting off. WIN WIN!

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