Sweet and Spicy Lentils and Rice

What's for dinner? I get plagued by this question from pretty much breakfast time! School holidays seem to amplify this somewhat - or is that just me? Today I was in no mood for grocery shopping and yet didn't want to resort to convenience food full of preservatives and other crap so it was a case of magicking (pretty sure that's not a word but spell check hasn't flagged it so I'm running with it)  up something from my current pantry and fridge ingredients. Necessity is the mother of invention, yes? 

Anyway, I looked in the cupboard and I could totes relate to mother hubbard - things were a bit grim. Luckily it worked out pretty well and everyone was delighted with my newest creation - Sweet and Spicy Lentils and Rice!


2 cups of Basmati Rice - well rinsed in a strainer before cooking!

3 Cups of Water

A pinch of sea salt


1 Can Brown Lentils - drained and rinsed

2 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed)

1 brown onion

2 small carrots - peeled and chopped into thin rounds

1 cup of green peas 

1/2 cup filtered water

1/3 cup kecap manis

1 TBSP of my sister in laws veggie stock paste (made in a thermomix) - you can't buy this in a store soz, but you could sub for any good quality stock powder

1 tsp red chilli flakes (add more or less according to your families love of heat in food)


Cook your rice - I rinse mine really well and then add to a pot with the salt and pour boiling water over the top. Bring to a simmer and then cover with the lid and turn the heat down to low. Let cook for 15 mins and then turn the heat off and let stand for 5 mins. Fluff with a fork and voila!

Whilst your rice is underway heat your oil in a frying pan and then brown your onion. Add your carrot and cook until it begins to soften. Add lentils, peas, water, stock, chilli flakes and kecap manis. Simmer over low heat (stirring frequently) until cooked.

Serve over rice and enjoy!

Mum to the rescue again! With a little help from my sous chef of course...

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