Top 10 Things my Life has Taught Me...

Recently I had a birthday. When asked how old I was I said 30- ish. I should probably just own it lol. I have been thinking about life (as you do when it's your birthday) and I realised that 34 isn't so bad. I've learned a lot. With that in mind here are my top 10 things my 34 years have taught me:

1. Life will always surprise you. It can swing both ways- bad surprises that test you, good surprises that restore your faith. Just expect to be surprised.

2. We are built to survive. Whatever life throws your way you likely have what it takes to withstand it, survive and grow from it.

3. Happiness is found in the minutiae. It's in the giggles of your toddler, the passed swimming lessons of your 8 year old or the funny message they write in your birthday card.

4. Looking in the eyes of your husband and knowing that they've got you is worth more than any Rom Com gesture.

5. Simple is often better.

6. Nature holds the answers. Food can heal you, the sun can warm your soul and laughter really is the best medicine.

7. You never really get there. There is always another goal, another milestone and something else to strive for. This should keep us moving forward NOT hold us back from being happy (until we get there).

8. Love is everything - including - especially the love you have for yourself.

9. You will always feel 16 (and it will surprise you constantly when you realise that you are actually an actual adult).

10. You've got this!

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