What are You Waiting For?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the 'busy-ness' of life. Work, kids, housework (yuk!) it all eats into the day and before you know it, you are waking up to do it all again! It can be easy to "wish" for balance - or me time, or date night. I get it I have been there!

I am busier now than I have been in forever - I am feeling happier though than I have in a long time.. That is because I have been forced to learn a valuable lesson. I can let being busy get in my way, make me shitty and resentful and drudge along helplessly - OR I can choose to be happy! I had to check myself (before I wrecked myself - lol yep really just said that). 

I was waiting to be happy. I was waiting until I achieved certain milestones and goals before I gave myself permission to enjoy life. I'll give you an example - "when my business is established I can quit my day job and have more time for my family". That was a tape regularly playing in my head. What is my objective? More time with my family - so we can have a meaningful connection and beautiful memories - so the obvious question is "Why the f*** I am waiting until I my business is established?? That is pretty bloody important yes? Ok, I don't suddenly have more time, however I am mindful of making sure we get

quality time each day - end result? I am happier!

The same can be said for my relationship with Dave. Before we had kids it was all us all the time. Then we had Maxy and we regularly had "date night". Now we have Chloe too and trying to get "date night" is near on impossible - before my "awakening" we had just kind of accepted that this is the new normal - that we had to wait until she was older to really make time for us again. Now we are having micro-dates. The picture in this post is of our mini-date on Friday afternoon. We managed to squeeze an hour and a half in after Max went to Nana's and before we picked up Chloe from daycare. A picnic rug, some snacks, wine (a gorgeous view of the river doesn't hurt) and voila - a mini date! Ok it's not a romantic candlelit dinner, but it's time for us! Time to talk uninterrupted - you know what I am talking about! End result? Happier!

I can no longer indulge in hour long meditations (not without sacrificing sleep and that's not freaking happening) but I can have 10 minute mindfulness breaks! Awesomeness! This was my really long winded way of saying don't wait!!  Give yourself permission to enjoy life now. Be happy. Those milestones and goals will still be there but that time is passing one way or another - enjoy it!!

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