Shining a Light on the Shadows - Episode 2

Episode 2 - Have you ever had a dream or a goal that just seemed so big and scary you couldn’t tackle it by yourself? Well we are in that boat right now. We are two best friends with the same journey- the journey to dōTERRA Diamond rank. We are best friends… soul sisters even but we live on the opposite sides of the country to one another. We have committed to a regular accountability call with one another to inspire and support each other along the way and realised we have an opportunity to inspire and support so many people by opening up this call as a video series or podcast. Maybe you are also building a dōTERRA business? Maybe you are building a different network marketing business or have a different goal entirely- you are more than welcome to come along on the ride. We are shining a light on the shadows (so they don’t seem so scary anymore)….

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