Are there really any coincidences? Or Have I Drunk the Cool Aid?

Ok, so it's Monday morning, the usual rush is over and other three members of 'Team Awesome' are off for the day. This is when I usually breathe out, have the one and only coffee I allow myself in a day and get ready to power up for the massive day ahead. Chloe "daycare days" are always jam packed - today I have a meeting with Digital Monopoly about Facebook marketing for The Home Loan Coach, I have a meeting with a client about a home loan application, about a million follow ups with clients and for clients and a scenario to look at- one where I need to look at it from the perspective you might when approaching a jig saw puzzle- all of the pieces fit in there somewhere, it's just a matter of patient persistence trying to find the correct order.

 So I should be thinking about all of that. Instead I am sitting here pondering a light bulb moment I had on the weekend. Wondering whether there is something to it or if I have drunk the coolaid so to speak. I was at the dōTERRA Elite Retreat on the weekend. I was worried about going, about hanging out with all of these network marketing people at what may end up being a "ra-ra" event with no substance. Boy was I wrong- it's ok I can admit that (despite what my hubby will tell you). It was amazing I got so much out of it- not just for my dōTERRA business but my home loans business as well. It was a long day but it wasn't very far into it when I had my first light bulb moment. I was asked to write a list- of all the things I had to believe in order to be successful. I was diligently scribbling away when my mind stared to wander- as it always does when I write (that's why a blog post rarely ends up at its intended destination for me). 

 I was thinking that I had to believe that what I have to offer is valuable. As in what do I bring to the table as opposed to Jessie Reimers, Vanessa Jean or any of the other dōTERRA powerhouses that are already out there rocking it? That's when it hit me. What if it was all leading here? When I think about my qualifications- they are a bit in-congruent. A bit of a mish-mash that seemingly don't go well together- I have a Diploma of Beauty Therapy (which first introduced me to oils); a Cert IV in Health & Fitness -Personal Trainer; An Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning & a Cert IV in Financial Services (Morgage Broker). I also have worked through a lot of stuff in my past to make me the woman I am today. What if I did the beauty therapy so I would be introduced to the oils? What if I did the Health & Fitness so I would deepen my understanding of the body and build on what I had already learned when doing the massage accreditation in the beauty course? What if my 11 years in financial services both as a financial planner and a mortgage broker were so that I could teach women about money and business and help them succeed? What if all the personal shit I went through in my early life was because I was tough enough to take it - and then I would have a story to share that would inspire people, that would teach them that no  whatever they have been through that there is hope at the end of the day. That they can be whoever they want, they can do what ever they want, can achieve whatever they want? 

What if I did all of the above and went through what I went through so that I would have this bizarrely unique skill set to bring to this business and really, truly inspire and empower women? Whoa! Mind. Blown. So what do you think? Are there really any coincidences? Does everything happen according to a divine plan? Or have I been drinking the coolaid?

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