I accidentally started a new business. It sounds ridiculous, but it is what happened. Go back to the beginning of May and I sent Lauren a text message that I wanted my own account. I wanted the 25% discount that comes with a wholesale account but not a business. I'm pretty sure I was sending off "stay away with the network marketing" vibes pretty forcefully. Perhaps this is why she took her time opening up my account? Anyway, I started using the oils, was naturally amazed by their amazingness and couldn't help but talk about them. People started showing interest, so I gave away a sample or two- I am a big believer in trying it out - I would never have believed how freaking awesome these oils are unless I had tried them. In fact I am still blown away on a regular basis at how bloody awesome they are now. A couple of weeks after getting my oils kit I was so in love I felt like I had to share them with people- they are too good to keep to yourself. I almost felt like it was "mum code" - I found something that was making life and parenting and so many things easier I felt like I was duty bound to share it with other mums. I thought the best way to do this was a webinar. I wanted to bring my "mum" perspective to the webinar but I also wanted someone more experienced with the oils to be available too so I asked Lauren to ask Nick (a leader in dōTERRA and the person who introduced Lauren to the oils) if he would co-host the webinar with me. He immediately said yes he would *but* he had some conditions. He wanted me to complete the dōTERRA Build Guide and email it through to him before he would help me. I am not going to lie, I was actually a bit annoyed by this response. I thought that he must be a bit of a di*k for saying he'll help but only if I complete the Build Guide. I'd looked at the Build Guide and I had written it off as network marketing rubbish. There was a goal setting section, a place to write down 100 names (in order for you to identify your network) and really a road map for kick starting your business including setting dates for your first four workshops. I had blinkers on when I looked at it though- I was worried I didn't know 100 people and I certainly wasn't going to be one of those people that flogs some MLM "opportunity" to all their friends and family and drives them all nuts. I really wanted to do this webinar though so I thought Ok, I am going to complete the build guide and send it through. I will write down 100 names- but he can't make me contact them so what will it hurt. As I started to complete the exercises in the guide I did feel some of my 'objections' melt away a little bit- I like setting goals for myself and I kind of got into it. However I was still really focused on the fact that whilst I wanted to share the oils with other mums, I wanted nothing to do with MLM or network marketing (not really figuring out that they were the same bloody thing). I finished the guide, contacted my Nana, my Aunty and my Mother in Law and explained that I wanted to do this webinar with this bloke in QLD and he wouldn't help me unless I completed the build guide (the di*k) and part of doing that was doing my first four workshops and would they please host one for me? To my complete surprise they were all actually somewhat enthusiastic about it - I had been raving about the oils and they were all curious. So the workshops were booked in. I was kind of shitting myself about hosting a workshop and presenting in front of people. In reality I was just sharing my story with the oils and allowing people to smell them, feel them and experience them for themselves. I actually really loved every workshop. I was open and honest and told my story warts and all and I think people really responded to that. Many people have opened their own wholesale account (12 so far) and I have hit Elite rank this month - that is pretty cool. What is also pretty cool is that I have earned $585.32* this month from something that didn't feel like work ever. Not one minute. I did this whilst being a mum to a nearly 1 year old (OMG), a 7 year old and running a mortgage broking business and in my first full month as a doTERRA wellness advocate. I almost shrugged off the $585.32* as nothing. It isn't my full time income so I nearly discounted it as not really worth anything. Then I stopped and realised that this was my first real month! Plus any extra money that I can earn without putting Chloe in daycare or really smashing up our family time is a massive win. I started to think about what this could mean, for me, for my nana who is newly retired and for anyone who is at home with their kids and can't bear the thought of putting them in daycare and going back to work. It is HUGE, seriously massive. Suddenly my goal has expanded, now I am looking at not only empowering women and mothers in terms of health and wellness for themselves and their families but also empowering them to earn an income on their terms!  It's the 'on their terms' bit that is key. I always feel that I am having to choose- between work and my family. Work gives me not only an income but also a sense of purpose, feelings of success and achievement. A place to be stimulated intellectually and to have adult conversations. I need to work, I crave it, I thrive on it and without it I am a mess of a woman. However, I feel like I am always having to sacrifice in order to get these things. I miss out on moments with Max, milestones with Chloe. I am always struggling with the guilt - I should be there more, I should be doing more, I should be less stressed for them etc. It's really a bit shit having to choose. This month doing the dōTERRA stuff has given me all the good stuff associated with work- feelings of purpose, success, connection but none of the crappy feelings. It even appealed to my competitive (annoying) over-achieving side (oh I can see Elite is in sight, that's it I'm totally going for it). I haven't been stressed- ever, at all (fine print: stressed about dōTERRA), I have been able to do this with the kids present (Chloe has been to a couple of workshops out of the four and was a big hit) and it hasn't felt like work once. I can't live off $585.32 per month but gee it helps. Also if I start this now who knows where it will end up? Hopefully I will be able to find some mums who want to jump on board the train and see where it takes them. Maybe I'll be able to help some people realise they have the option of not going back to full time work if they don't want to. How amazing will that be? So now my love of oils has become a business. It's real people, it's happening. I have read all the stuff on the average time frame people take to hit each rank and what they earn and in true Rhiannon style, I am not going with the flow. I am turning this into an experiment- Can I hit each rank within the time frame stated? Have I earned the stated income? Do I still 100% without a doubt believe in dōTERRA essential oils and their life changing benefits? Without the last one the other two will be moot because unless I believe, the whole thing falls over. Stay tuned and watch this space..... PS. I did mention that I thought Nick was a di*k (ooh that rhymes I love that) for making me complete the Build Guide. I now think he is a bloody legend. I haven't done the webinar yet and when I do I will probably feel confident enough on my own but making me do the exercise was genious. It gave me a really good shove in the right direction, it helped me to be clear on my goals and it showed me that sharing the oils is really just sharing the oils. It's nothing like the time I tried to sell Nutrimetics (when I was in Beauty College) and I sucked at it so badly I could die. It's really just sharing something amazing that I believe in with others - 100% that simple. So thanks Nick, I owe ya one! *There were my earnings based on my personal performance. Actual results may vary.  

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