Top Five Essential Oils for Easing Stress & Anxious Feelings

It's no secret that today we are living in a high stress world. Everything from our jobs, to financial pressure to our environment itself is contributing to our stress levels. It's no wonder then, that so many of us are seeking stress relief and natural health alternatives are on the rise. When used correctly essential oils can be amazing at relieving stress and anxious feelings I use essential oils as part of my daily stress management. Previously, I was using essential oils purchased through my health food store and I was not experiencing the same effects. I didn't actually know any better, they were helping a little but they weren't something I raved about. After a friend of mine came to stay and introduced me to these beautiful oils that I am using now and I experienced the difference, I made the switch and I have not looked back. I have also learned that Lavender isn't the only essential oil to combat stress and anxious feelings! There is no industry body to regulate the standard of essential oils so doTERRA set their own standard and hold themselves to it. Every drop of oil has been carefully and gently distilled from plants grown in their natural environment where they are most likely to thrive and produce a superior quality of oil. Only the part of the plant that contains the properties required are used in making the oil. For example, Lavender Oil; the therapeutic part of the plant is the flower and with doTERRA that is the part of the plant that is used. Other companies can use the stem and other parts of the plant diluting the quality of the oil.

My top five essential oils for stress and anxious feelings are:

1. Lavender - Lavender is known as the queen of essential oils and has been used for centuries for its calming and soothing qualities. 2. Roman Chamomile - calming and soothing and used to promote relaxation and sleep. 3. Frankincense - the king of oils. Frankincense promotes overall feelings of well being. It is also good for supporting cellular renewal so it's also great for skin imperfections and boosting immunity. 4. Ylang Ylang - in addition to smelling amazing, ylang ylang is used in aromatherapy to induce relaxation and encourage a positive outlook. 5. Vetiver - is known to help ground emotions and is excellent for achieving a deep calm. It's an excellent essential oil choice if you are having trouble sleeping. They are my top 5 essential oils for stress and anxious feelings. Try them by themselves or in a blend together.

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