Sorry Aldi

Today started with a whirlwind of activity as I rushed out the door determined not to be late for my annual compliance audit. I was so juiced up on stress hormones and coffee, totally focused on getting to the office before the auditor did, that I left behind my calming blend. As it turns out, compliance audits are stressful. You sit there pretending to be busily engrossed in your work with not a care in the world, whilst less than a meter away from where you sit, is a very conscientious professional carefully examining your files with a fine tooth comb. It is hard not to feel like you are being judged- because in fact you are being judged, graded actually, from A-E. Thankfully my hard work paid off and he flew through my files and I was given a healthy A grade report. This was a relief, however the damage had been done on the anxiety front. I was wound up! The audit had been booked in my calendar for the whole day, so I suddenly had a few unexpected hours on my hands. Max has his Edudance (yep that's  a thing) concert tomorrow and I thought, yes! I can be prepared for once and off I went to the shops to get the required clothing for him to wear during his performance. It just so happens that the shopping centre is one where Aldi has recently opened. My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself in the queue. After a few minutes I did begin to question my choice, I mean FFS, I was queuing up for a supermarket. At this point though I was half way there and I have to admit I felt committed. When it was my turn I decided, well I'm here now I may as well make the most of it and grabbed a trolley. As I slowly made my way around the aisles I did wonder what all the fuss was about. The prices seemed similar to a regular supermarket - some things were obviously on sale but nothing seemed too remarkable. I will admit several items found their way into the trolley, but I am blaming 'mob mentality' for that. After a few minutes I became very aware of how hot it was in there, and just how many people there were. Oh and on a side note- if you are in a supermarket and all the people are moving down the aisle in one direction, do everyone a favour and don't be the one di*k head who decides they know better and are going to go the other way. It's painful and stupid. Ok sorry, rant over and back to my story. Anyway, I was moving slowly through the aisles as that was only speed I could go thanks to there being that many people in the store that you actually couldn't move fast if you wanted to. I lasted about 15 mins or so until I felt my heart begin to race and I felt hot and sweaty and like I just couldn't breathe. One look at the checkouts confirmed that the people in the store were buying not browsing and it was going to be a long wait. I tried to push through and perhaps if I had my calming blend with me I may have been able to get on top of it. I was torn about what to do, I had frozen stuff in my trolley and didn't want to just abandon it (that felt like a dick move) and I couldn't face the checkout as I was feeling so claustrophobic. So I did what any "sane" woman would do. I wheeled my trolley over to the nice unsuspecting Aldi employee stacking the shelves and said "I'm really sorry but you are going to have to take this" and shoved my trolley at him. "Are you alright?" he asks (OMG, so politely) "Do you need something?", "Air" I say as I am bee lining for the exit, "I need air". So sorry Aldi, and sorry to the poor bloke that had to deal with my trolley and its contents. The moral of the story is that going to Aldi is bloody stressful and causes anxiety attacks  that if I had been better prepared, I would not have left the house without my calming blend and maybe could have gotten on top of my anxious feelings before I looked like a raving lunatic in the shopping center. I have ordered myself a dōTERRA 8 vial key chain. 8vialkeychainThis means that where ever my keys go, my oils go (or at least 8 of my most used blends) and I won't be having this issue again. Never say I don't learn from my mistakes :-) So for the people that actually finished their shop at Aldi, how was it?

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