A little bit of focus

I am starting to scare myself. I am not one to be talking about intuition or things being meant to be very often- yet here I am. Oh boy, soon I am going to be talking about energy vibrations and the like. However, as much as it irritates me, I feel like we had a little bit of that happen in our house this week. Our Maxy is a gorgeous boy. He is full of life, caring, funny and just an amazing kid. He is also a character, very intense, extremely energetic, overly sensory and has a hard time at school sometimes because of this. Dave and I have had numerous meetings over the years with people very keen to "help us" with Max. Mostly these meetings end with Dave and I having the same discussion about not wanting to go down any formal testing path to diagnose anything, because as far as we are concerned Max is just Max and he is the perfect version of himself. He doesn't need any kind of label attached to him. Instead, we have gone down the path of doing our own research, regular occupational therapy and IEPs at school. We try to assist Max however we can to give him the tools he needs to succeed in school and have full and happy life. We don't always get it right. We try things and we fail or we aren't consistent enough. We have good days and we have challenging days and there are days where I am tearing my hair out in frustration. Helping Max out in the classroom is really important to us. He is a super smart kid (seriously, sometimes it blows me away and I think it's just not fair that I have to try and parent someone smarter than me), however as his teacher says to us - she can't grade him on what he is capable of, only what he actually completes. So with this in mind I have been thinking how good it would be to try some oils for him. I am still waiting for my girlfriend to get me set up with my own account and I don't want to order through anyone else, but that didn't stop me googling (I love google) and I found that doTerra have a special blend for this called inTune. I thought that sounded familiar and went over to my microwave and picked up a little roller bottle of oil from the bowl sitting on top and looked at the label- yep, inTune! I had mentioned a few months ago (maybe 6 months) that I had thought about trying some essential oils for Max and my Nana had gotten a sample from someone. I had disregarded it because it has patchouli in it and I don't like patchouli so I kind of put it in the kitchen and forgot about it. I didn't know anything about it other than what it smelled like until I started researching this weekend. I can't help feeling a little bit like maybe just maybe it was there ready for me to find once I was fully open to the idea. Maybe not, but still it was pretty good timing anyway. So I started using this for Max on Tuesday morning before school. I told him it was magic oil that would help him concentrate at school. He was pretty receptive and let me put it on. When I picked him up from school I asked him how it went. He said "it was really good in the morning mum, but I think it ran out at recess".essential oils journey The next morning he asked me if I was going to give him the magic oil so I applied it for him again. When I picked him up I asked the teacher how he went at school during the day. She said "great up until lunchtime, really focused and did excellent work but the wheels came off after lunch". I thought well ok, lunchtime is better than recess, maybe it gets better over time (plus it's not a miracle cure, if it gives him a couple of good hours then great!). He had footy training after school and the week before it was a nightmare. There was too much going on for him and he went a little bit loopy- not listening, not keeping hands to himself and being a bit of a clown. I wasn't keen on a repeat performance so I thought it was time for trying a 'top up' of the oils. OMG!! It was like watching a different kid from the week before. He was listening, doing the drills and in between standing nicely and waiting for his turn. Maybe it was just a coincidence- but I so badly want to believe. If it is the oils having an impact then it's repeatable! On Thursday when I picked him up from school the teacher went out of her way to tell me what an amazing day he had. Apparently he focused all day and did an amazing artwork in the afternoon (art is a danger subject for Maxy). I am taking this as a positive sign! Even if it is a placebo and all it's doing is giving him some self belief then it's 100% worth it. We'll keep going with it and I will keep checking in with updates. Fingers crossed next week continues to be positive!

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