Break Glass in Case of Emergency - Morning Energiser Blend

Yep it's an emergency alright! The rest of us are over our bugs but little Chloe still has a lingering cough. During the day I feel sorry for my little love, but sometimes in the dark hours of the morning all I can think is "Ahrrggghhhhhhhh". It's cold in her room and I don't trust the portable heaters, so she is in our room where it's warm and we have a vaporiser going. Obviously this is the best thing for all of us, but it doesn't make getting a good night's sleep easy. Little Miss was awake at 5 am again this morning and in an effort to try and save one of our sleep, I got up to play with her in the other room. Of course within an hour I was sleepy (coincidently so was Chloe who went back to bed for another hour and a half  - lucky little thing) and I needed an urgent pick me up. I decided to make this morning energiser blend: 7 drops Lemon oil 5 drops peppermint oil Diffuse OR I knew I was going to need this during the day so I put it into a 5 ml roller bottle and topped it up with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO is coconut oil that has been 'fractionated' so it can't solidify anymore). Now when I need an energy boost throughout the day, I can roll some on the palms of my hands, cup them over my face and inhale. Peppermint is energising and invigorating and promotes healthy respiratory function. Clear breathing helps to get things moving. Lemon oil is refreshing and cleansing and citrus oils are also known to improve your mood.  This is the perfect addition to the "pick me up" blend as it stops grumpy pants in their tracks! I made Dave a little bottle to take with him to work today. He was a little bit hesitant because apparently my roller bottles don't look very manly. After a quick smell he was sold and he has taken it with him. Hopefully he remembers to use it!      

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